About Eye Connect Dots

EYE CONNECT DOTS specializes in cultivating the habit of seeing the interconnections between issues, information and trends which may otherwise seem unrelated on the surface. OUR relationships with OUR connections are limitless and the services we provide are endless. It’s all about OUR relationships and connections that allows us to CONNECT or indirectly CONNECT you to OUR Elite Executives. In business today outsourcing is ideal.




About Ms. Kina, Founder & CEO

MBA, Founder & CEO of “Eye Connect Dots”…

Ms. Kina currently sits on several boards and community committees like “Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back To Life”, “Take A Stand”, “PRM Care” and “HOPE BUILDS”. She supports EVERYONE, attends EVERYTHING, loves to SERVE, especially in her FRESNO community.

Kina was born and raised in Fresno, Ca.. She is seasoned in connecting the dots in her community, her city, her state and beyond. She is known for hosting events, event planning, marketing, campaign coordinating, public speaking, public relations and she is an inspirational singer. She is driven by her love and passion for the people especially the youth. Kina has spent more than twenty years devoting her time, talents and expertise to building relationships to connect to resources worldwide.

Her connections range from LA to the Bay, ATL, DC, Chicago to Europe with stops in between, to working with BET, OSCARS, TBN, Sony Records, Southern California Edison to name a few…

Ms. Kina began her career as a Family Service Worker for Head Start then switched her career gracefully into Special Events and Marketing for the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore, Ca. connecting with networks like SHOWTIME, HBO, WWE and UFC before her divine appointment to become the Event and Talent Coordinator for United One Productions where she was one of few that birthed the well-known international fundraisers called “The Christian Music Awards” and “The Celebrity Golf Tournament”. During her years of directing and coordinating, she co-founded and held the position as Marketing Director of BlackXchange.net, which was a FREE online networking site for people and businesses to connect. Helping others pursue excellence through her connections are endless and she is known for publicly saying “Many HANDS Make Light WORK!”

She believes in supporting others and collaborating.

Kina’s relationships, connections, leadership, service and unwavering commitment to excellence will keep us connected.

Her Mission in life is to leave a legacy of great connections to help build generational wealth beyond her years through creating pathways to success with INTEGRITY, building relationships through TRUST, being LOYAL to people and their projects, burning the midnight oil with HARD WORK and appreciating the SUCCESS of every WIN… Ms. Kina’s “WHY” is her FAITH, her MOTHER, her CHILDREN, her FAMILY and her COMMUNITY…

Proverbs 31:25-31

Kina’s Favored Quote:

“If ME and my folks love YOU and YOUR folks, like YOU and YOUR folks love ME and my folks, YOU will never see folks love folks so well, since folks been folks.” By HER Great Great Grandpa Cook, R.I.P.